Sharbat Amla
Liquid Syrup
General & nervous weakness, indigestion, memory weakness and Deficiency of Vitamine A & C states.


JBL – Amla is a natural formula which contains valuable herbs that increases the level of vitamin – C in blood and accelerates the function of vital organs . It cures Asthma , Cough , General weakness , Nervous Weakness , Digestive system weakness , Premature adultness, dementia , Under-weight of children . JBL Amla also activates active immunity against pathogens . It helps to increases digestive system function and appetite. It is effective tonic for lactating mother. JBL Amla protects growth retardation of children & increases memory.


General & nervous weakness, indigestion, memory weakness and Deficiency of Vitamine A & C states.

Dosage & Administration

Each 5ml Contains (as aq extract) Phyllenthus emblica 0.5 gm Piper longum 0.1 gm Piper nigram 0.05 gm and other ingredients q.s.


There is no evidence available on Contraindication with JBL Amla syrup but it may happen in patients who are hypersensitive to any of its ingredients. Pregnancy & Lactation : JBL Amla syrup is safe during pregnancy & Lactation .


Keep out of the reach of children .


Keep away from light , store in cool & dry place .


Each amber bottle contains 100ml , 200 ml & 450 ml JBL Amla Syrup .

Side Effect

JBL Amla syrup is well tolerable and no side effects.


Each 5 ml syrup contains : ( as aq extract )

Emblica  officinalis                                                                             0.500 gm

Piper  longum                                                                                     0.100 gm

Zingiber officinale                                                                              0.050 gm

Piper nigrum                                                                                       0.020 gm

Tribulus terrestris                                                                               0.020 gm

Withania somnifera                                                                            0.020 gm

Adhatoda vasica                                                                                  0.010 gm

Cinnamomum zeylanicum                                                                  0.005 gm

Ocimum album                                                                                   0.005gm

And other ingredients                                                                         Q.S.