Company Profile

JBL Drug Laboratories is a reputed UNANI Medicine Manufacturing Organization in Bangladesh. We prepare quality medicines and provide health care. We follow modern science and use the science of daily work to produce products. As a result, our products produced are clinically and scientifically studied. Which provides people health protection and a better life. JBL Drug Laboratories was established on 5th February 2009. We have developed fine quality medicines in the whole of Bangladesh and give health advice. The company started its journey with a small number of products. But today 57 types of medicines are being used for the treatment of orthopedic, respiratory, arterial, child-related, female and maternal and sexual disorders. JBL Drug Laboratories offers safe-tested and scientific medicine and services. All of our medicines are strictly regulated. Pre-medicines are examined before marketing drugs and services. By 2025, we have taken the plans of charitable organizations and show rooms throughout Bangladesh. JBL Drug Laboratories acquired ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP certification by taking a macro management plan. Drug Licence: U-231.

Chairman's Profile

JBL Drug Laboratories is a Well Reputed Unani Medicine Manufacturer in Bangladesh. We are honored with ISO and GMP certifications for our achievements. Mr. Tapan Saha, CEO & Managing Director, JBL Drug Laboratories.

Mr. Tapan Saha