Sharbat Gajar
Liquid Syrup
Vigour and Freshness, heart palpitation, Melancholy and mental instability


Caroplex is a natural formula which contains Daucus carota extract that can improve digestion, boost your immune system, prevent heart disease and can help decrease the risk of cancer. Daucus carota can act as a vasodilator with the increased amounts of potassium. Vasodilators decrease vascular resistance, increasing blood flow and circulation. This reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Daucus carota is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is known for improving eye and preventing night blindness from developing as we age. The beta-carotene found in carrots have been associated with reduced risk of several cancers. Carrots can contribute to improving blood sugar regulation because of carotenoids. Carotenoids help decrease insulin resistance and contribute reducing blood sugar levels in a stable manner . Carrots are a good source of vitamin C, which can stimulate the activity of white blood cells to fight infection. Also carrots contain a number of antiseptic and antibacterial abilities.


Vigour and Freshness, heart palpitation, Melancholy and mental instability

Dosage & Administration

Adults: 3-4 tea –spoonfuls two times daily Children: 1-2 tea spoonfuls two times daily or as directed by the physician.


There is no evidence available on contraindication with Caroplex syrup.


Keep out of the reach of children.


Keep away from light, store in cool & dry place.


Each amber bottle contains 200 ml or 450 ml Caroplex syrup.

Side Effect

Caroplex syrup is well tolerable and no side effects.


Each 5 ml syrup contains (as aq extract)

Daucus carota                                                             0.125 ml

Sucrose                                                                        1.5 gm