Halwa Baiza
Sexual Debility, Mental Depression & General weakness


JBL Baiza is a time tested special natural preparation of synergistically acting precious natural active ingredients such as Gallus domestica,Mabuya carinata, Cinnamomum zeylancum, Myristica fragrans, Crocus sativus, Elletaria cardamomum , Pastinaca secacul and other ingredients etc . All the active ingredients are well known for their stimulating and aphrodisiac properties because of their various special chemicals constituents ( active constituents ) . By virtue of extensive research in JBL Drug Laboratories , the unique formulation of JBL Baiza has been developed especially for increasing libido and retentive power , Sexual debility, mental depression & general weakness .


Sexual Debility, Mental Depression & General weakness

Dosage & Administration

Adult : 1-2 tea spoonful two times daily or as per directed by the physician .


There is no evidence available on contra-indication with JBL Baiza .


Keep out of the reach of children.


Keep away from light, store in cool & dry place.


Each glass jar contains 200 gm or 400 gm JBL Baiza .

Side Effect

JBL Baiza is well tolerable and no side effects.


Each 5 gm contains :
Gallus domestica 0.125 gm
Mabuya carinata 1.5 gm
Cinnamomum zeylancum 0.025 gm
Myristica fragrans 0.025 gm
Crocus sativus 0.025 gm
Elletaria cardamomum 0.025 gm
Pastinaca secacul 0.025 gm
And other ingredients q.s.