Qurs Ziabet
Diabetes Mellitus


Tablet Inobet is a time tested special natural preparation of synergistically acting precious natural active ingredients such as Acacia Arabica , Bambusa bambus, Rumex vesicarius, Gymnema sylvesta , Asphaltum, Ferric oxide, Glass Domestica calcined, Mytilus Manganitiferous calcined and other ingredients. By virtue of extensive research in JBL Drug Laboratories, the unique formulation of Inobet has been developed specially for Diabetes Mellitus.


Diabetes Mellitus

Dosage & Administration

1-2 Tablets daily 2 Times before meal or as prescribed by the physician .


There is no Contraindication.


Keep out of the reach of children . Do not use the drug after expiry date .


Store in cool and dry place away from light .


Each box contains 10x5=50 Tablet blister pack .

Side Effect

No significant side effect has been observed in therapeutic dosage .


Each 500 mg Tablet contains :
Acacia Arabica 167.64 mg
Bambusa bambus 115.68 mg
Rumex vesicarius 77.45 mg
Gymnema sylvesta 53.92 mg
Asphaltum 34.31 mg
Ferric oxide 21.56 mg
Glass Domestica calcined 7.84 mg
Mytilus Manganitiferous calcined 7.84 mg
And other ingredients q.s